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Directed by

Jaime Iván Silva

Master of Science in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Counselor and Expert in Educational Psychology and Suicidal Behavior in Children and Adolescents

Specialist in Professional Orientation,

Pedagogical Development and Thought Processes.


The target audience of REDUKATE CONSULTING, through different services, are the owners of educational institutions, managers and teachers in training or in service, with the aim of providing them with tools that allow the timely detection of the existence of emotional or behavioral problems in children and adolescents in order to promote the prevention of factors associated with suicidal ideation and behavior, school violence and terror in schools. Services are also offered in a particular way, aimed at parents and their children using different psych educational strategies to understand the socio-emotional development and to promote life skills



  • Conduct behavioral workshops and information sessions for parents or guardians, addressing the needs of the school communities.
  • Guide appropriate responses to situations of bullying, suicide risk and domestic abuse.
  • Provide resources on an individual or group level for students who express difficulties in their relationships with their peers, personal concerns or family problems
  • Advise students so they can achieve their social/personal, academic, vocational, and occupational goals


  • Advice for the creation of psychopedagogical strategies

  • Support for the realization of diagnostic services and psychopedagogical care
  • Review and development of educational and teaching materials
  • Evaluation of educational centers at an inclusive leve
  • Promotion of educational practices that facilitate the development of emotional intelligence


Prevention of suicide in children and adolescents – (online course)

How to identify warning signs in students

Keyways to mitigate and manage concerning behaviors

Steps to investing in student mental health to create a positive school climate

Addressing the Rise in Challenging Student Behaviors

8 Things Schools & Educators Can Do to Support Students’ Mental Health


Educational Networking

The objective is to promote the participation of the best professional talent for the creation of digital products (apps, online courses, practical digital guides, podcasts, educational games, webinars) that allow the transfer of scientific knowledge and its social appropriation


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I believe that it is through education that we can evolve as individuals and as a society. But not a poor and meaningless education but focused on the Being, Affectivity, Family, Prosperity and Social Transformation. I support you through exclusive one-on-one Mentoring strategies, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and Online Courses in which you have the opportunity to experience a radical and progressive transformation towards total well-being

Jaime Iván Silva